Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Andorra is a non-EU country with a EU currency and an official language which is Catalan, one of many languages in Spain...

I have recently spent a four-day holiday in the commonly known as the Pyrenees Country, Andorra, with about 100,000 all-year-round residents in a bubble on the mountain range dividing France from Spain. Funnily enough it is the only country in the world whose only official language is Catalan, one of the Spanish languages, also spoken in the Roussillon area in the South of France, in areas in Sardinia and Alger in Italy, the Balearic Islands and Catalonia in the North East of Spain. Andorra is a non- EU country with less than 1.5 % unemployment rate where the European currency € is used. Vat is under 5% compared with the 21% in Spain. French and Spanish are also widely used.

The more languages the kids use the more brain resources will  be put into use out of the unfathomable possibilities of this organ. All languages studied seriously before the age of 8 remain in the brain for the whole individual's life. Much evidence amongst children of diplomats who have travelled the world.

However in Spain there is still the virus of a war of languages where the Government of the state is against the linguistic immersion applied with success in Catalonia and also in the Basc country. The Government is still afraid of losing their hegemony on their history and geography point of view and language and culture is dangerous when it is at variance with a unique way of thinking. Notwithstanding the level of Spanish language performed by Catalan students is higher than the State average.

Learning languages is good for us all, mentally and culturally. Don't give up.

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